The Consultation

A typical new-patient rhinoplasty consultation at Mehta Plastic Surgery lasts 60-90 minutes. Patients arrive at the Atherton office and are greeted by our staff and given a 2-page medical questionnaire to fill out. This gives the patient the chance to communicate any prior medical history, surgeries, medication, and allergies, among other things. In the waiting room, the patient has the opportunity to flip through our before/after digital album on an iPad.

The patient is then brought back to the exam room, where Dr. Mehta reviews the medical history and the specific concerns in regards to the nose. A detailed physical examination of the nose is then performed, to determine the strength and shape of the nasal cartilages, the availability of septal cartilage, and whether there are anatomical reasons why the patient is having difficulty breathing through his or her nose (deviated septum, narrow valves, large turbinates etc.).

The next step is computer imaging. Communication of the aesthetic goals is of the utmost importance, as many patients come in saying that their first rhinoplasty surgeon did not provide any illustration of the intended outcome. Computer imaging helps the surgeon communicate the cosmetic changes possible through surgical or nonsurgical means, and also helps the patient explain visually what she or he is seeking. While this process is being performed during the consultation, the surgeon is also mentally going through the steps of the surgery. These images are then used in the operating room (OR) as a guide or template of the agreed upon aesthetic rhinoplasty goals. While not a guarantee of results, the imaging process helps to ensure that both surgeon and patient are “on the same page” going into a primary or revision rhinoplasty. The importance of this cannot be overstated.

After the imaging process is complete, Dr. Mehta goes into detail about about the surgical maneuvers being considered for your nose. Feel free to ask questions, as surgeons appreciate an informed patient who is inquisitive and has a good understanding of the process from beginning to end. This is followed by a detailed discussion of the risks and benefits of the various approaches and whether an open or closed rhinoplasty approach is being considered. At this time, there is also a thorough review of the pre- and postoperative instructions, the events which take place on the day of surgery, the anesthesia plan, and the anticipated recovery.

Once the patient has completed this discussion with the surgeon, a surgical quote is generated. This is a summary of the fees for rhinoplasty surgery, including surgeon’s fee, anesthesia fee, and operating room fee. If insurance coverage is being applied, a prior authorization is obtained, which can be instantaneous or require 5-7 business days. Insurance coverage can offset a huge portion of the cost of surgery and should therefore be considered if possible.

For more details, or to schedule your consultation with Dr. Mehta, pleasecontact us.